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Murder, Mystery and 90’s – The Silver Case

Just recently, after the long hours of exam, studies andother mishaps, I finally got the time to relax and spend endless hours going through a backlog of games I want to enjoy. One of them being a game that slowly peak my interest and curiosity. But what game you may ask, “The Silver Case”…Demo

Goichi Suda (or Suda51) the man you may probably recognized for creating eccentric, freaky and mostly interesting games like Killer7, No More Heroes, Killer is Dead, and etc., founded his company Grasshopper Manufacturer in 30th April 1998. Before creating these game that I just mentioned, their first project happens to be a visual novel crime thriller titled “The Silver Case


After completing the demo, I decided to dig up some information about the game.

I guess you could put it that way

Before the release of the game and Grasshopper Manufacturer,Goichi Suda used to work for the now defunct Human Entertainment as a Director for the Japan only series “Twilight Syndrome”. The game can be defined as a Japanese horror adventure game on the Playstation that consists of exploration,puzzle solving and running away from things (never played the game honestly).

After leaving behind Human Entertainment and his creation Twilight Syndrome to create his own studio, Goichi Suda had the desire to produce something original and not something pre-existing from his old company. And with the experience from previous game developments thus The Silver Case was born.


Released in Japan on 7th October 1999 for the Playstation, the game consist of text-based point and click adventure visual novel that combines the style 2D and 3D artworks or sometimes FMV (Full Motion Video) cut scenes. Players resume the control of multiple characters from police detective to freelance journalist, each of them having the same goal, finding the killer.


As for the plot I’ll let the site explain as I only playedthe demo

“In 1999, there exists anarea called the “24 Districts”. A series of mysterious and bizarremurders have happened there. Detectives of the High-degree Murder Division(HMD) in the 24 Districts Police Department investigate the case and find thatthey closely match the profile of a well-known killer, Kamui Uehara, whoassassinated many key government figures one after another several years ago.Uehara was supposedly shot and killed by Kusabi, a veteran detective of theHMD, but current events seem to indicate that Uehara is still alive, and atlarge in the 24 Districts. ~ The Silver Case Site


So far my experience with the demo had me intrigued, from the great artwork, a kickass soundtrack and an interesting plot leaves me waiting for the full game to come out. The demo can be downloaded on steam now. And I hope you guys have a great time.

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